I wish I could pause time for a minute. It feels as though I’m not making enough of my resources, if that makes sense. It’s as though I’ve been given a fountain, where a genie lives inside. She offers me three wishes, and I freeze and wish for unlimited toilet paper and a free Netflix subscription for life. Not too bad, but I could have done way more with that opportunity than I did.

I figured I’d better start a blog. Not exactly the natural reaction most people would have, I’m assuming, but it is the only thing I could think to do in this awkward period of my life. I am a rising sophomore in college. I finished school last Friday, and the wonderful things about being home have already lost their sparkle. I’m bored. I’m young, bored, and alone.

I have a little less than two months to kill before leaving for camp, and this seemed like a pretty good place to figure my life out. Let’s get this thing going….


peace and happy thoughts ✌


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