I am shocked by my own fragility.

I am strong, I am independent- I am a woman defined by her character and morals.

And then, so fast I don’t even notice the switch being flipped, I am a wreck.

I am fallen, and I am nothing. I am split seams and cracked dishes; I am the useless version of what once was.

My grip on reality fades in and out.

Brief moments of clarity light up the crevices of my mind like fireworks, small and bright explosions, epiphanies.

For a fleeting second, the world makes sense. All is right.

Soon, fast, it crashes down. Crumbled bits of foundation leave debris in my curls, dusted lightly over my clothes, inhaled and settled inside my lungs.

Construction begins again.

I dust off my hard hat, and go to work repairing and replacing, gluing together a semblance of pieces so that a quick glance reveals nothing amiss.


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