I Shiver With Thoughts Of You

photo courtesy of Christopher Campbell

Baby, you are dangerous like no other.

You are fireworks doused in gasoline.

My fingers twitch in anticipation,

10 itching unlit matches waiting to feel the lick of your flames.


My skin is all gooseflesh and shivers.

My thoughts are runaway carts; they crash and my eyes fog up with smoke.

I close them and think of you instead.


You are my favorite nightmare.

You leave me breath heavy, heart racing.

You leave me torn like trash.

Like I am nothing.


You are sweet cakes and heroine infused sugar straws.

You are black magic wrapped in molasses kisses, with hands so intoxicating they leave your memory on my skin like trails of fire.

I swirl the ashes with my fingers after they’ve cooled.




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